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A Quest to Enhance Kenya’s Capacity use of the IP System

As a young professional in the Intellectual Property Law world, I am constantly reading and seeking knowledge on how to domesticate IP Systems from all over the world to enlighten my fellow citizens as well assist them improve their economies and in turn the national economy as well.

On the September 14th, I was excited to receive an email from the World Intellectual Property Organization Academy accepting me for the WIPO Summer School South Africa this November-December. I am very ecstatic about my acceptance. More so because I get a second chance to be a part of WIPO Academy Summer School.

I applied for this year’s course because it deals with one of the most important topics in IP, in my humble opinion, of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management. Technology Transfer refers to the process of transferring skills, knowledge, technologies, method of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among governments and universities and realise their commercial potential. Intellectual Property Management is important to spur creativity as well as realise economic and social development.

The reason why this topic is important to me is because there are a number of Kenyans who are bedroom researchers. Brilliant minds but with limited resources. How can we get them access to resources, infrastructure and research facilities to facilitate and enhance their projects? How can we get the corporate world, the world of academia as well as government to take interest in bedroom researchers and take their research to the next level.

We are a country where joblessness for our youth is very rampant. In fact, in my view, joblessness almost defines the state our economy is in. And at the same time, innovations in our space are very limited. Perhaps because of the lack of sensitization around Intellectual Property matters. There is so much we need to realize as a nation in the IP realm. We need to inspire the generations to come to create and innovate and realize that in an economy lacking job opportunities, that they have the power to create the opportunities through their Intellectual Property Assets.

When I shared with my fellow colleagues about my acceptance at our monthly discourse forum known as IP-Checkin, one of them, came up with the brilliant idea that I should write about this opportunity, and perhaps attract some funding to participate in the WIPO Summer School 2013.

The challenge as is almost predictable is getting funding to advance one’s education. Pursuing further legal education for specialization is not a cheap affair neither is it an easy one but it is always worth taking a shot. One of my favourite songs by the late American R&B star Aaliyah.. “If at first you do not succeed, you can dust it off and try again.” This is me trying again. My first acceptance, my health would not allow it. And now a mother, I must forge on and create a legacy for my son and future children.

There is an maxim of equity in law that states, “Equity does not aid the indolent.” Indolent, is a description I believe I do not come close to being associated with. This is public application to you my readers ,who are my court in this instance, that I am looking for a sponsor or funding to pursue my interests further.

The WIPO Summer School South Africa program starts this November 25th to December 6th. One of the most rigorous legal trainings an IP legal mind can ever encounter; a challenge I would like to take head on and be a part of trailblazers in the IP Space in Kenya. I want to bring this important aspect of law closer to my people, so that we may realize our potential and boost our economy.

My appeal, is as you are reading this and you are interested in supporting my ambition, kindly email me. My email address is [email protected] . And we can continue this discussion further and proceed in making my quest to enhance Kenya’s capacity to use IP Systems a reality.

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  • Mwakideu

    Great!! we need you and even more Kenyan lawyers to get such knowledge…

    September 21, 2013 at 11:21 am